50/50 Life Chances Lottery

The Foundation supports programs that have a significant impact on the LIFE CHANCES of students across the Division. By purchasing a ticket to support our 50/50 cash lottery you are giving students opportunities to have better life chances.

Over the past years, the Foundation has aligned itself closely with the priorities of Red Deer Public Schools which are Literacy and Numeracy, Equity and Student Success and Completion. By aligning with these priorities we’re able to provide support for students beyond what is government funded. In the last 10 years we’ve had over 600 students successfully complete Reading College, a program focused on grade 2 students struggling to read and write.  Bright Start, which has given 70 of students access pre-kindergarten supports, Finish Line where over 350 students have completed their high school requirements that otherwise would not have, Step Up which provides schools with the funds to support students basic needs like transportation, medication, clothing…and Music Plus which has given student the opportunity to learn how to play a musical instrument.

With the support from the Foundations 50/50 Life Chances Raffle, you are providing a student with opportunities that will improve their life. They can’t always control the situations they’re in but with your help students will continue to have these chances.

Don’t miss your chance, CLICK HERE to buy your tickets today! Draw date on November 9.

**Must be 18 years or older, Alberta residence only. Lottery license # 575683.