Student Leadership

At West Park Elementary, grade four and five students have the opportunity to engage in leadership roles each year at a variety of levels.  Grade four and five students "apply" for a leadership role in their area of interest.  

  • Office Leaders - Students learn skills in answering phones, running the intercom system, and taking messages for staff members over the lunch hour.
  • Amazing Announcers - Participating students announce daily events, birthdays, guests and supervisors each day.
  • Phys. Ed. Team - This team ensures the gym storage room is kept neat and orderly and support and plan lunch hour intramurals.
  • Library Leaders - Students assist in shelving library books over the lunch hour on a weekly basis.
  • AMA Safety Patrols - Grade five students support younger students in crossing the street safely.  Patrollers supervise at the southeast corner heading east and south.